Breast Cancer Team

Canadian sports medicine physician Dr. Don C. McKenzie conduct a research project at University of British Columbia in 1995. From the study, the first breast cancer team was started. Prior to the research project, the belief was vigorous and repetitive upper body exercise would promote the development of lymphedema in people treated for breast cancer. This dragon boat team research project, was the first small case study to provide quantitative evidence suggesting that dragon boat racing is a safe activity and beneficial for the participant.

Unlike other team sports, there’s an incredible diversity among dragon boat racing participants in our club. We have paddlers from 8 to 80, from single people to couples, blind to amputees and from every walk of life. With our program, not only can you race in the breast cancer division, but you also can race on our competitive or recreational teams. The choice is yours!

How hard is it to get started? It’s very easy! The intensity/pace of your dragon boat practice, is based on what you can do. Our coaches will help push and motivate you, but they also work with you. All you need to do, is show up at practice with water and we take care of the rest.

Email for more information and/or times of practices. We are based out of Riverfront Park in Norristown – 1 Haws Avenue / Norristown PA 19401.