Boy Scouts

Merit Badges

Are you working on your Canoeing, Kayaking, and/or Rowing merit badges? The Dragon Boat Club of Norristown now has coaches who are able to work with you and sign off on your Canoeing/Kayaking/Rowing merit badges within the Cradle of Liberty Council. We provide all the necessary equipment at Riverfront Park in Norristown PA. The Scout just needs to bring there desire to lean water safety and how to use either a Canoe, Kayak, and/or Row Boat. The Dragon Boat Club is a volunteer organization and no coaches are paid, we are a 501(c)(3) corporation and there is no cost for the Scout to earn there merit badge with us. Interested? Email us at

Dragon Boating at 2017 Jamboree

Is your troop and/or scout attending the 2017 Scout Jamboree? If so, we are willing to work with your troop and/or youth in gaining dragon boat racing skills prior to attending the Jamboree. The Dragon Boat Club of Norristown will give your troop and/or scout from any council experience on the water prior to attending the Jamboree this year. We offer this to any scout at no charge and all training is done at Riverfront Park in Norristown PA. Interested? Email us at

Dragon Boating Patch

To earn the Dragon Boat Patch, the following requirements need to be met. All the requirements listed below, can either be met by attending troop sessions with the Dragon Boat Club or attending any of our practices. (Sunday 3:15pm / Tuesday 6:15pm / Thursday 6:15pm / Saturday 10:00am). The Dragon Boat Club’s coaches will work with the scouts to teach them all the skills necessary to earn the patch. NOTE: There is no charge for this and the scouts are welcome to attend as many practices as they like.

  • 4 hours of Dragon Boat training with a qualified coach
  • Discuss the BSA Safety Afloat policy and tell how it could apply to Dragon Boating
  • Demonstrate the proper fitting of a life jacket
  • Benefits of warming up prior to Dragon Boating
  • Explain how to handle a capsized Dragon Boat and boat safety
  • Review prevention, symptoms, and first-aid for:
    • Blisters, hypothermia, heat related illnesses, dehydration, and sunburn
  • Describe the following:
    • Name and point out the major parts of a Dragon Boat
    • The sections of a Dragon Boat
    • Steers Person vs Drummer
    • Parts of a Paddle
    • Strokes Pair
  • Demonstrate and explain when to use the following strokes:
    • Forward stroke
    • Back (reverse) stroke
    • Draw
    • Push-away (pry stroke)
  • Explain why timing is critical in Dragon Boating
  • Demonstrate the following knots:
    • Bowline
    • Clove hitch
    • Two half hitches
    • Sheet Bend
  • Participate in a 100-meter Race or longer*

** If the scout is attending the 2017 Jamboree and participates in Dragon Boating, an adult leader can sign off on the 100-meter race requirement.

Team Building for Scouts

Need a unique team building for your troop? We offer water/land team building and racing for Boy Scout Troops in any council. Depending on what the troop is looking for, will determine the cost (Medals/Shirts/Food etc). We are able to handle from 10 scouts to 200! Interested? Email us at


About Us

Dragon Boating is a team racing sport that started in ancient China. With twenty paddlers, one drummer, and one steers-person on a boat; we work together to cross the finish line. The Norristown Dragon Boat Club consists of 45 paddlers of varying degrees of experience with a shared goal of building community relations and instilling sportsmanship. We have a strong competitive spirit in Dragon Boat Racing alongside our community outreach. We are located at Riverfront Park, 1 Haws Avenue, Norristown PA and have a strong relationship with the community.

The Dragon Boat Club in Norristown is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes health/fitness for all ages. The Dragon Boat Club is an all volunteer organization and no coaches are paid.